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    Momentum is dedicated to bringing bold, innovative, and challenging theatre to as diverse an audience as possible with our traveling stage truck and internationally trained ensemble of teaching theatre professionals.  We take to the road to celebrate the diversity of community, create accessible art, and to inspire others to reach yet undiscovered imaginative heights.



    Since its inception in 2007, Momentum Theatre Troupe (MTT) has focused on bringing accessible, professional theatre arts performance and education to communities both in our native Upper Valley and around the country. Since 2010, MTT has been a fiscally sponsored organization of Fractured Atlas, an umbrella arts service organization that lends us its 501(c)(3) status.  Our relationship with Fractured Atlas allows us to accept tax-deductible donations and apply for grants as a non-for-profit arts organization. As MTT continues to develop and grow, however, we will be applying for our own 501(c)(3) status, a process that will be completed by 2018.  


    Originally conceived as a Shakespeare performance and education group, MTT was founded by Artistic Director Sean Eastman and Community Manager Scott Sweatt in 2007. Inspired by the tradition of Commedia dell'Arte, Sean had dreamed up the idea of a traveling stage truck years before, while working as a mover in New York City. Using the training in movement and gestural vocabulary he received at L'Ecole Jacques le Coq in Paris and at Sarah Lawrence College, Sean  sought to build a theatre that would not only create innovative, challenging, and accessible professional performances, but would also offer opportunities for arts education. 


    In Scott Sweatt, Sean found the partner he needed to help transform his dream into a reality. After completing his Masters in theatre at Columbia University in 2007, Scott Sweatt was working as a professional actor and theatre educator in the Upper Valley when he met Sean in a production of Midsummer Night's Dream. The two soon joined forces, working together to transform a 32-foot-long box truck into a traveling stage, and collaborating on the adaptations of traditional Shakespeare pieces that would soon become our signature works.


    MTT's first tour in Autumn of 2007 was centered around our own reworking of Hamlet, a piece that we came to call the Three-Person, or Clown, Hamlet. This first tour was focused in the Upper Valley of Vermont and New Hampshire and helped establish MTT as a powerful new artistic force in our home community. 


    By Summer 2010, MTT was ready to expand both our physical and artistic boundaries as we launched our first ever national tour. We built out our Summer touring repertoire to include both a contemporary and original production, and booked our traveling stage truck in venues as far and wide as Bar Harbor, Maine, Washington, D.C., Chicago, IL, and of course, the Upper Valley. The eight-week long Summer 2010 tour was a formidable undertaking, testing both our artistic stamina and the road-readiness of the truck itself. As we moved from small town to city, from coastline to the middle of country, we were thrilled by the support and friendship of those we met along the road. Our trio of productions, which included our own reworking of Shakespeare's  The Tempest, Eugene Ionesco's The Leader, and a original collaborative movement piece titled Jabberwocky, were enthusiastically received by audiences who excitedly demanded to know when we were coming back to town.


    After two years of reorganization and recuperation, MTT and our theatre truck were at last ready to hit the road again. With a sizable grant from the Jack and Dorothy Byrne Foundation under our belts, we launched our second annual national tour in Summer 2013. Our 2013 touring repertoire included Bottom's Dream, our own reworking of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Osvaldo Dragun's one-act The Story of the Man who turned into a Dog, and an original musical based on George Hermann's novel Carnival of Saints and composed by New London, NH based composer William Ogmundson. In addition to the towns and communities reached during our 2010 summer tour, we extended our touring area to include Freehold and Frenchtown, NJ, as well as Collinsville, CT, and Newburyport, MA. The overwhelmingly supportive response we received from audiences far and wide fully convinced us of what we already knew to be true: this time we couldn't stall our momentum, the summer tour needed to be an annual event.


    As we look forward to our Summer 2014 Tour, we cannot help but be pleased with what we have accomplished in the past seven years. In that short period of time, MTT has gone from being simply an idea in the mind of artistic director Sean Eastman to a national touring company with a year-round production team. Through our own hard work and ingenuity, we have transformed a 32' box truck into a fully functional, not to mention, road-safe, theatre on wheels. Through the support of many very generous individuals, foundations, and corporations, we have secured everything from funding, to lodging for our cast members, to the opportunity to establish ourselves as a part of both our immediate and more wide-spread communities. It is important to remind ourselves, however, that no matter how much we have accomplished, there is still a great deal to do if we are to continue to grow and thrive as a not-for-profit arts performance and education organization in the Upper Valley



    Education & Outreach

    The Momentum Theatre Troupe offers workshops ranging from playwriting to character development, and puppetry to circus arts. For more information contact us at or visit our workshops page.