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    Below you will find a complete list of the workshops offered.  For more details on how to book Momentum for workshops and performances as well as on associated fees please contact us.


    Mask-Making: Using molds of existing Commedia Dell'Arte masks participants will have the opportunity to create their own mask, and explore the influence of the mask on character and the body.


    Clowning 101: Students will explore the fundamentals of comic timing and comic build by developing a clown character. Clown noses will be provided.


    Acting I/II/III: Stanislavski based training for the actor that explores each of the disciple techniques allowing for a broader understanding of the craft of acting through daily physical training and exposure to classic and contemporary texts. A three week intensive session for each level.


    Monologues & Scenes: A dramaturgical investigation of one show examining the connection between historical references and criticisms and modern performance. A perfect opportunity for those looking to get back to the stage to reignite their passion.


    Puppetry Building and Design:Groups of three design and build puppets based on Shakespearean Characters 


    Mime: Based on the teachings of Jacques LeCoq students will use their bodies and space alone to build a story of three challenges, and overcome those obstacles without props or scenery.


    Circus  Skills: Learn to tumble. Learn to juggle. Learn to stilt walk. All of these are options and are based solely on the time available to teach the skills.


    Voice & Speech: Using foundation techniques from Kristin Linklater participants will discover the connection between mind, body, and voice, and the effects stress and tension have on our vocal instrument.




    Full Day Package 

    An entire day of workshops at your school or organization followed by an evening performance of our production (subject to seasonal availability) 


    Two-Day Package

    Two full days of workshops at your school or organization, plus one performance of our current production (subject to seasonal availability)


    School Bard

    A week-long school residency program that includes all of MTT's workshops; introduction to and exploration of additional Shakespeare works, development of a unique presentation.




    Momentum Theatre Troupe is committed to bringing professional theatre performance education to people of all ages and backgrounds. We have designed our workshops to have a sliding price-scale and will do our best to work with you and your organization to make our workshops affordable.


    For detailed pricing information, please contact Elissa Parent at (802) 738-9980. 



    "Sean Eastman [artistic director] relates amazingly to young people."

    "The kids absolutely loved it, and after you left, insisted we continue to play some of the games that had been started during your visit."

    "I was very impressed with Sean Eastman's workshop, and all the students I saw later in the day kept saying how much fun it was. I was amazed at how a few well-chosen exercises addressed the problems I usually see when kids start working on their scenes."

    "I learned how important teamwork is on stage."

    "He helped put physical being into our characters."